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Think Jessica - Don't get scammed

Scam mail is now a serious and endemic problem which is causing financial and mental devastation to millions of silent victims of fraud.

Protecting elderly & vulnerable people from scams which come through the postal system and criminals who contact them by telephone.

The National Trading Standards Scams team estimate postal scams could be netting criminals worldwide up to £10 billion a year

Money sent to scams could end up being used to keep a criminal in a luxury lifestyle but international organised criminal gangs sometimes use the money they have gleaned to fund the drug trade, gun crime, human trafficking and other crimes worldwide.

In 2008 a survey conducted by Help the Aged and Barclays revealed that seven out of ten older people in Britain – more than 6.6m people – are targeted by scams every month, either by telephone or letter.

22,000 victims replied to one scam mail shot and sent £500,000 in one day!20 pensioners in Cornwall collectively sent £350,000 to criminals who work in organised gangs!

Think Jessica is a charity that raises awareness of scams & supports victims & families..

For more in depth information on Mail scamming click the link to Think Jessica website

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