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Understanding PIP & ESA made easy!!

seAp have provided independent advocacy support to people going through what used to be DLA and Incapacity Benefit but is now PIP and ESA (we do love our acronyms in this sector don't we?).

However we have only ever been able to facilitate this service in the area of the seAp HQ, Hastings in Sussex.

Which was a shame as we had a 100% success rate when supporting people to challenge a decision when we disagreed with the decision the assessors had made.

We understand that people who have an upcoming medical assessment or who are filling in the forms can feel nervous, sometimes reluctant or unsure of how to describe the extent to which they can be debilitated by their conditions. Combined with the stress of having to undertake a medical assessment and all the things that need to be remembered along with this, it can mean that assessors often don't get an accurate idea of what the person's situation is really like.

That's why we support people in Hastings through the process and that is why we have created C-App. Two web-apps, one for ESA and one for PIP, that offer guidance, advice and support on most aspects of the application process. You can even try the sort of questions you may be asked by an assessor.

We wanted to offer the service we offer to the people of Hastings, to the rest of the country (England & Scotland).

These two web-apps, created by seAp, with support and funding from Comic Relief and The Legal Education Foundation and the tech wizards at Neontribe, are fully independent and are completely free to use.

Click the link to take you to the C-app web-apps

*infomation provided for this article has been provided by seAp own website (click below to see their website

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