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Wrinkly CIC: A Non-Profit Company for All Communities

Today (2nd March 2023) marks an exciting milestone in the history of "The Wrinkly Roadshow" and "The Wrinkly Network", as they have officially merged into one entity, Wrinkly CIC. This new organisation is a Community Interest Company which is dedicated to helping all communities achieve their maximum potential.

Over the past five years, The Wrinkly Roadshow and The Wrinkly Network have grown far beyond their initial scope. We now provide a wide range of services from benefit advice to emotional support, peer groups, events and much much more. Whatever your age, background or needs, we are there to help you, every step of the way.

Wrinkly started with a simple mission: to make sure, that regardless of your age or background, everyone has access to the same level of information and resources to help solve the problems they are experiencing. Kelly Collier our co-founder says "That’s why we are so excited about this merger – it means we can continue our mission on a much larger scale!”

The new CIC will be expanding its services even further to ensure that it meets the needs of all communities. It will offer more benefit advice than ever before and also provide additional emotional support for those who need it most. There will be an increased focus on hosting community events and peer groups whilst we expand into new areas such as community outreach programs and educational initiatives.

The team at Wrinkly CIC is incredibly excited about this milestone in their history and looks forward to continuing to help people from all backgrounds reach their full potential. As Joe Smith said: “We are born wrinkled!" We are here to help you to iron those out!

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