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The Wrinkly Roadshow brings advice and support to local village hubs and is working towards providing better services to the retired communities which they actually want and need. By taking the roadshows out of the towns and into the local communites, the businesses & organisations who exhibit are learning that isolated communites require something special to make a difference; lessons are being learned and experiences shared to tailor make their products and services to meet those additional changing needs.

Like Lifemark in New Zealand, The Wrinkly Roadshow understands that the demographs and stero-types are changing. We cannot keep treating our older communities as we have. We recommend improvements to meet these changing needs and work with companies and organisations to implement change. We are taking a positive approach to increasing concerns that the people and organisations do not listen to the current needs of many of our older communities.

New Zealand has started to break the stereotype of a wrinkly or a senior citizen or an OAP. Are you really a member of the older generation? We think not!

SUPER AGED is a term used to define a country that has 1 in 5 (20%) people aged over 65. There are currently three countries that hold this status and many European countries will join the list in 2020. The United Kingdom along with Australia, New Zealand and the USA are expected to be SUPER AGED in 2030. The reason for this phenomenon is the ageing Baby Boom population (those born between 1946 and 1964) and the effect this has on the population demographics.

This is not new. It is a natural shift that will create more demand for retirement services in the future. What is less obvious are the characteristics of this group and how they are materially different from other members of the community.Simply supplying more of the same is not an option!

All of our Wrinkly Roadshow exhibitors take pride in providing services and products that meet those needs for the "SUPER AGED" community. If they don't meet the needs we work to create something new that will.

Come along to our event and take part in changing hearts and minds for the future. Let's start how we mean to go on ........

if anyone would like to take part in our first #wrinklyflashmob get in contact via twitter @WrinklyR or our website at

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