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Wrinkly Roadshow are Champions.

Healthwatch Community Champion

The Wrinkly Roadshow is taking a active role by joining the Healthwatch Kent as a community champion.

As a Community Champion we have a direct communication route to Healthwatch Kent. This means that we can provide a voice to people who use, provide and commission health & social care services across Kent. Working together Healthwatch Kent and the Wrinkly Roadshow aim to help improve services across Kent's health and social care sector. We want to ensure the public are involved in any planned changes to services. Being a Champion means that the Wrinkly Roadshow is kept up to date with the work of Healthwatch Kent and we are informed and involved to improvement Kent's health & social care services.

Who are Healthwatch Kent?

We are the new, independent consumer champion for health and social care.

As part of the Health & Social Care Act in 2012, every County Council and Unitary

Authority had a statutory responsibility to set up a local Healthwatch. In total there are

152 Healthwatches across the UK all working together to effect positive change.

What do we do?

We give you a voice. We listen to people about your experiences of our health and social

care services and take that voice to the people who commission health and social care

services in Kent. Your voice will play an important role when decisions are taken about

new and existing health and social care services.

Their FREE Information and Signposting service can help you navigate Kent’s complicated

health and social care system to ensure you can find and access the services that are

already available for you to benefit from.

Call them on 0808 801 0102 or

What does this look like in Kent?

We support individuals and community groups, enabling them to express their views, make

their needs understood and participate in the decision making. We also work in

partnership with local voluntary organisations, Health and Social Care organisations,

providers and commissioning groups to help improve and develop services.

Everything that Healthwatch Kent does brings the voice and influence of local people to

the development and delivery of local services. A coordinated and unified voice is a

stronger voice for children, young people and adults who use Kent’s health and social care


What does Healthwatch do for you?

Healthwatch Kent helps people in Kent to get the best out of local health and social care

services by talking and listening to people in every part of the county and then telling

local services about people’s experiences. We bring important issues to national decision

makers through Healthwatch England.

Healthwatch Kent challenges organisations which need to do better and highlight

examples where others are going the extra mile for the people they serve. It wants to

hear the good and the bad. Every voice counts when it comes to shaping the future of

services and improving them.

How can I get involved?

Everyone can get involved no matter how little time you have. You could simply share

with us your views and experiences of health and social care services within Kent or you

could sign up to be an active volunteer to help us gather information and spread the

Healthwatch word.

We need your help to make Healthwatch a success in Kent so do please get in contact and

we can develop something especially for you by email

Come along to Lenham on the 11th March and have a chat with the Healthwatch team on their stand

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