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Argo "will" Help the Hospice

One of our sponsors, Argo Life & Legacy, have so far raised £1,040 (totalling £1,300 with Gift Aid) for the Heart of Kent Hospice Make a Will Fortnight which took place in February.

The team at Argo generously donated client appointments and in return invited clients to make a voluntary donation to Heart of Kent Hospice.

The Hospice has advised that currently this is enough to almost pay for the cost of a 24 hour stay on their Inpatient Unit for three patients. Argo have decided not to stop at almost.

With more donations to come from Argo Life & Legacy they will provided enough donations to pay for three days of inpatient care for the Hospice. This puts into perspective how every donation the Heart of Kent Hospice receives is vital for their ongoing survival.

Well done Argo Life and Legacy!

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