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They are not who they say they are!

Courier fraud is a new form of fraud targeting the elderly and vunerable, Kent Police have produced this video on ways to protect yourself from this form of crime,

May is not an actress and this true story is to show you how the criminals use May's concern to gain her confidence and trust,

Kent Police provide the following warning signs to use,

Protecting yourself from courier fraud

Warning signs - what to look out for

  • Was the offer unsolicited; are you being asked to respond at once?

  • Do you have to buy something to win a prize or ring a premium rate number?

  • Are they asking for bank details or are they relunctant to give their address or details?

Reduce the risk to you and your family

  • Never provide any personal/financial information before you establish the company is legitimate.

  • Ask for full contact details and take notes of conversations, including names, dates and times.

  • All UK companies must be registered with Companies House - if in doubt, check.

  • Never judge a company by how professional they or their promotional materials are.

  • Read the small print and be sure you understand the terms and conditions.

  • Always resist any urge to 'act now'.

  • Never pay for a 'free' gift (even if it is just postage and packing)

If any doubt call the police on 101 or a relative that you know who can help you. NEVER give bank details, card numbers, PIN numbers or the "3 digit security number" from the back of your card, This is YOUR information

The bank will never ask for the full card number or PIN as the operator doesn't know themselves if someone does hang up and dial again (ensuring that you hear a dialing tone)

Kent Police Community Support Unit are joining us at the Lenham Roadshow on the 11th March, any questions or concerns come and have a chat with them.

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