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The Wrinkly Network

WE HAVE LIFT OFF!!! (and a launch party to follow)

Today we have opened our doors to The Wrinkly Network..

The Wrinkly Network is a business membership providing a full range of support services for companies and organisations who provide products and services for vulnerable, retired and elderly communities. If, as an organisation, you often feel isolated, unsupported or alone and don't know where to go for support and assistance The Wrinkly Network is for you.

We support a wide range businesses from care suppliers, care homes, independent living developments, lawyers, independent financial advisers, equipment providers, fitness trainers and practitioners, by providing them with dedicated networking events, information portals, business support and bespoke training, Our aim is to build a joined up community of advisers and providers which can improve delivery of products and services to our vulnerable, retired and elderly communities.

By joining The Wrinkly Network your business can grow. Sharing knowledge, experiences, worries and best practice will allow us to help each other. Networking with like minded companies and organisations will increase your reach to both clients and professionals who understand your ethos. We know this approach is successful as you will develop trusted relationships which results in the referral of work within the network.

Become a member and start making a difference and benefiting from the experience of our community -Join us today at or just email us at

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