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Millions of pounds worth of NHS community equipment items and wheelchairs, crutches, frames, are thrown away each year by people who no longer have a need for it or just never returned and just left in the loft!

This means that the equipment can’t be recycled to reuse for other members of the community, who may need it to maintain their independence, or to help them stay in their own home rather than being admitted to hospital or care homes. as it helped them at their time of need

It also means that the NHS, or your local council, has to spend even more money to replace discarded equipment with new, and/or pay for more expensive care packages, such as a stay in hospital.

We all know that the NHS needs every penny, so, please help them and us, by letting the right people know when you have a piece of equipment that you don’t need any more.

Just call the number on the barcode label on your equipment and your local customer service team will be happy to help. They will either arrange to collect it from you, or tell you where you can drop it off.

If your label is faded, or missing, Click here to your local service centre for Kent

play your part and make a difference.

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